Off-site Exam Request

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the following before proceeding to complete the Off-site Request Form

Off-site Exams must be booked/scheduled with the exam centre before the off-site exam request form is filled out. Prior to the off-site exam request form submission, students must contact the invigilators on our list located in your area and request exam supervision. Students are responsible for scheduling their off-site exam(s) and for any fees at the exam centre.

Once you have the on-campus exam dates/times, you can then contact the invigilator at the exam centre to schedule your off-site exam(s) to take place at the same time as the on-campus exam. If you are in another time zone, and/or the exam centre is closed during the time of the on-campus exam, you can schedule your off-site exam after the on-campus exam, on the next business day in the morning. Off-site exams cannot take place before the on-campus exam.

If you have any questions about scheduling your off-site exam prior to submitting your off-site exam request form, please email us from your email account to and include: Full name, Student Number, Course ID/Section of your Online Course(s), and include your location (City/Country) and we can assist you by recommending scheduling and answer any questions.

Off-site Exam Request Form

  1. Please read the Information for Students Writing Off-Site Examinations information prior to Off-site Exam Request form submission.
  2. Please complete all sections and fields on this request form. Fields marked with an Asterisk * are mandatory.
  3. Students are required to submit this request form two weeks prior (10 business days) to the on-campus exam date in order for the off-site exam arrangements to be processed on time. A separate request form is required for every exam.
  4. Please confirm with your instructor the format (e.g. multiple choice, case study, etc.) of any exam that is not scheduled to coincide with the on-campus exam (Toronto time) as the format may not be the same as the on-campus exam.

Off-site Exam Request Form

Your Student Financial Account will be charged a $30.00 CAD Off-site exam fee upon submission of your Off-site Exam Request form. The fee is non-refundable and may be processed before your off-site exam takes place depending on your form submission date.

Payments can be made via the regular means of payment through your Student Account page.

NOTE: If you apply to write more than one off-site exam, the fees owing will appear in one sum in your Student Financial Account. Example: Number of Off-site Exams: 3 X 30.00 Fee per exam, equals $90.00 which is the amount that would appear in your Student Financial Account. Fees owing are processed mid-month.

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